My Dinosaur movie

i made a dinosaur movie with Ross Sophie and Casey-jo for the primary 1

step 1 get all the things that you will need 

step 2 tell your partner to help you to fix and glue it

step 3 when you are done ask your partner if they like it




                                                              by kara

friendship bracelets

we are going to make friendship bracelets   

step 1 make a list of 6 people who care about you

step 2 choose 6 different  colours  of wool or yarn or thread for each person on your list  and make shore you have all them are the same length   

step 3 tie all the thread together at all one end 

step 4 tape the knotted end to a table 

 step 5 twist or plait the thread together to make a pattern 

step 6 ask one of your friends to help you to tie the bracelet  

   i will put a photo of it on my blog 

My Best Friend

jAYMIE  His  fravouite colour is red black. his Birthday is on the 10th of aprill. he lives with his mum dad Kaitie and sasy. he lives in carronshore . he likes to come out so he can play with me       by kara .